Jack Kerwin

Johnny Football Phenomenal In Win Over No. 1 Alabama

on November 10 2012 8:34 PM
Johnny Football Phenomenal In Win Over No. 1 Alabama

Umm, any questions?

For all the doubters, detractors and denial artisans out there who struggle to venture outside the norm, see beyond the status quo and admit that conventional wisdom isn’t always correct, this one had to be tough.

To think Alabama, ranked No. 1 in the country, playing before a raucous home crowd in Tuscaloosa, could lose to a two-loss Texas A&M squad and its freshman quarterback was preposterous. Possessing arguably the nation’s top defense, the Tide figured to roll over the Aggies and systematically submerge Johnny Manziel with the complexities of their schemes and the other-worldly skill level of their waves upon waves of athletes.

A&M stood no chance, and, surely, Manziel’s Heisman campaign would be snuffed out on its biggest stage yet … and things would get back to the way they should be: typical, common, almost scripted.

Only three hours and change after kicking off before a national-TV audience, a major rewrite was in order.

Really? Yeah, really … big time.

Can't Florida State, Clemson Get Some BCS Love?

on November 09 2012 12:12 PM
Can't Florida State, Clemson Get Some BCS Love?

Florida State University’s football team is 9-1. It currently stands 10th in the BCS rankings and eighth in the AP poll.

The question begs to be asked: Would this be the case if Bobby Bowden were still in charge of the Seminoles?

Think about it. Just try to imagine FSU under Mr. Dadgummit’s direction checking in with that kind of record, this late in a season, and getting, well, that kind of lack of respect.

B-Squared had 14 straight years of 10 wins from 1987 through 2000. His teams never finished out of the top five in any poll. They were royalty, and treated as such before a single snap was fired back between the wickets of a center. Without fail, the ’Noles were in the national-title talks, if not the actual chase.

They were very good, often great … and never, ever were denied their just due.

Texas A&M vs. Alabama:Can Johnny Football Lead A&M Past Top-Ranked Crimson Tide?

on November 08 2012 4:28 PM
Texas A&M vs. Alabama:Can Johnny Football Lead A&M Past Top-Ranked Crimson Tide?

He is must-see TV anymore.

A run, a pass, a rabbit pulled out of his helmet – you name it and Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel can provide it these days, and provide it with style, some panache, some electricity that has proven so highlight-worthy than much of the nation’s college football fandom has stood up and taken notice of what’s going on with a two-loss team … and part of it even thinks the 15th-ranked Aggies (7-2, 4-2 SEC) can challenge top-ranked Alabama (9-0, 6-0) this Saturday afternoon in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

The latter seems a bit far-fetched. But is it?

Think about it – who expected a freshman to take the reins in College Station, Texas, and not only carry Kevin Sumlin’s crew into the big, bad Southeastern Conference and earn some respect, but actually make a little noise? Put it this way, a week after the Tide knocked Mississippi State from the unbeaten ranks with a 38-7 runaway at home, Johnny Football and Co. took care of the Bulldogs, 38-13, in Starkville, Miss.

That’s a case of pick your poison as to which was more impressive … or damaging to MSU.

Philadelphia Eagles In Desperate Need of Immediate Change, But Will Owner Pull The Trigger On Andy Reid?

on November 07 2012 4:02 AM
Philadelphia Eagles In Desperate Need of Immediate Change, But Will Owner Pull The Trigger On Andy Reid?

They emerged from the depths Tuesday morning, still boozy in disbelief at they had witnessed the night before. Salesmen, school teachers, truck drivers, dock workers, you name it, all of them struggling to sober up while rejoining their daily existence after experiencing that chilling reality to rival ice water being splashed in the face.

Their team, their escape from a hum-drum life, their outlet to fantasy and fun, to hopes and dreams that reside beyond 9-to-5, Monday-through-Friday, had imploded right before their eyes on national TV. Actually, the sight may have been worse, more like a vessel slowly, but surely sinking into the sea while all hands on deck stood there, sporting looks of daze and confusion, and made no attempts to save themselves.

Welcome to Philadelphia, home of the Eagles and arguably the NFL’s most dedicated and disappointed fans. Much of the aforementioned has become far too common around these parts the past few years as the squad seems to step further away from the promised land with each passing season, if not each passing week anymore, under head coach Andy Reid.

Dear Jeffrey Lurie: Blow Up The Philadelphia Eagles

on November 06 2012 12:32 AM
Dear Jeffrey Lurie: Blow Up The Philadelphia Eagles

With apologies to the few card-carrying members of the Andy Reid Fan Club who remain and those of the thin-skinned ilk, we present the following open letter to Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie:

Blow it up … now.

Tear it all down. Fire the head coach and his staff of yes-men minions. Dump the unproductive players. Dropkick the unproductive ones who actually have the gall to place blame on anyone else (hello, Jason Babin), including the fans or classic fall-guy Juan Castillo.

Just do it. All of it. As soon as possible.

This has been a long time coming. Ever since the Super Bowl appearance following the 2004 campaign, Philly’s NFL franchise has been an ever-changing potpourri of stop-gap solutions, using one overpaid, underperforming veteran as a Band-Aid to cover for another.

Your Eagles, really, have never been the same operation ever since losing to New England back on Feb. 6, 2005 in Jacksonville, with Donovan McNabb upchucking his lunch during crunchtime and Reid shutting down his brain with failing to implement a hurry-up attack early enough.