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Data Visualization editor. CUNY J-school alum. Business journalist at large. Loves cats, capitalism, string cheese, charts, jazz and data. I have opinions. I can journalism.


How We Consume News

Readers of news sites who type in the URL or click on a bookmarked link tend to spend more time on that site, and click on more stories.
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How Irish Is Your State?

There are four times as many Irish-Americans as people in Ireland. And the stateside Irish really love St. Patrick’s Day.
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The Banks That Made Bank

Mergers and acquisitions hit a five year high in 2013 -- and the investment banks that helped facilitate the deals made a lot of money in fees.



Why Ford And Volkswagen Are Becoming Allies

The two companies announced they are "exploring a strategic alliance," but made it clear it wasn't a cross-ownership deal, and their agreement doesn't include any "equity arrangements."