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Data Visualization editor. CUNY J-school alum. Business journalist at large. Loves cats, capitalism, string cheese, charts, jazz and data. I have opinions. I can journalism.


How We Consume News

Readers of news sites who type in the URL or click on a bookmarked link tend to spend more time on that site, and click on more stories.
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How Irish Is Your State?

There are four times as many Irish-Americans as people in Ireland. And the stateside Irish really love St. Patrick’s Day.
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The Banks That Made Bank

Mergers and acquisitions hit a five year high in 2013 -- and the investment banks that helped facilitate the deals made a lot of money in fees.



Twitter Wants to Smyte Trolls

Three-year-old start-up Smyte's technology works by monitoring data feeds and leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) in an effort to flag and label potentially inappropriate content.

Why Ford And Volkswagen Are Becoming Allies

The two companies announced they are "exploring a strategic alliance," but made it clear it wasn't a cross-ownership deal, and their agreement doesn't include any "equity arrangements."