Matthew Buening

FC Bayern Munich: Why The Bavarians Can Beat FC Barcelona

on April 23 2013 12:42 PM



Once again, Bayern Munich finds themselves caught in a match that many think should have been the final. Barcelona will likely prove a much tougher test than Juventus, and the Germans certainly have their work cut out for them as they try to tarnish the Catalan Footballing Dynasty known as FC Barcelona.

Neither side has an easy mountain to climb. Bayern Munich are currently playing some of the best football they ever have, and Barcelona have been pulling off miracle comebacks and wins all season long. Both teams are loaded with talent all over the pitch, and have world class players in various positions.

Some are tipping the Bavarians to come up on top, and others think the Catalans will pull through. Here are some reasons to believe that the Germans can go onto the final at Wembley.


Bayern Are Effective On The Counter-Attack

Champions League: Reaction To Bayern Munich's Big Win Over Juventus

on April 05 2013 12:10 PM


For many, this was the match that came too early. With both teams considered favorites to take the UEFA Champions League title home, Bayern Munich and Juventus was set to be the premier match of the quarter finals.

Both Bayern and Juventus fans were nervous before the massive clash, and for good reason. Both teams have a midfield of the highest caliber, dynamic defenses, and coaches who are considered tactical geniuses.

Bayern Munich started off the game with a flourish however, stunning the Italians as Andrea Pirlo lost possession and saw Austrian left-back David Alaba score before there was even one minute up on the clock (off a slight deflection of Arturo Vidal, much to the delight of Munich fans everywhere.)

A shocked Juventus responded with a measure of control over the game for a short period of time. With Toni Kroos taking on the challenge of marking Andrea Pirlo, the Italian side managed to keep a tempo and compete with Bayern Munich in the midfield.

Bayern Munich: Why The Bavarians Should Not Pursue Robert Lewandowski

on February 08 2013 4:13 PM


Earlier in the week, Sky Italia reported that Bayern Munich are making an ambitious move for Borussia Dortmund’s Polish striker Robert Lewandowski.

On the face of it, this report was easy to dismiss. However, Sky Italia are the same publication who broke the story of Pep Guardiola making his big move to Bavaria, so many Bayern fans took notice.

But the story didn’t stop with Sky Italia. It didn’t take long for German publication Spiegel too pick up on the story and report that Bayern and Lewandowski had agreed to personal terms, and now it was up to Dortmund and Bayern to reach a financial agreement. They went on to say that Lewandowski was excited at the potential of playing under new Bayern coach Pep Guardiola.

Regardless of the truth of the rumors, would pursuing Lewandowski actually be a good move for Die Bayern? There’s no question that Lewandowski is a striker of great talent and even greater potential, but is it worth Bayern returning to their FC Hollywood ways?

Bayern Munich News: Why Pep Guardiola Can Succeed With The Bavarians

on January 26 2013 3:12 AM
Bayern Munich News: Why Pep Guardiola Can Succeed With The Bavarians

On January 16th, the football world was stunned to learn that after a whole summer of speculation, the legendary Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola would join the Bavarian side FC Bayern Munich in the summer of 2013.

A few years ago, such a move would have been considered impossible. A coach as wildly successful as Pep Guardiola making a move to Germany, even to the most successful club in Germany, would have been almost unthinkable.

But as it stands, Guardiola will not be making the move to England that many had hoped for. So how will the former Barcelona man fare in Germany?

In this article, we will explore the reasons that the Catalan manager made the best choice in going to Die Bayern, and why he will succeed with the Bavarian Giants. 

Bayern Have a Similar Style To Barca

Everyone is familiar with Barcelona’s now famous style of football, tiki-taka. The possession based, free-flowing, attacking game is both pleasing to the eye and gets pleasing results for fans.

So when Guardiola tries to get Bayern to play a possession style game, how will they fare? In all likelihood, the Bavarians will excel.