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New York Jets News: Tebow And Sanchez Melodrama Overshadows QB Greg McElroy

on October 02 2012 9:27 PM
New York Jets News: Tebow And Sanchez Melodrama Overshadows QB Greg McElroy

Mark my words. New York Jets quarterback Greg McElroy will join another NFL team within the next year or two, and will become an elite quarterback. 

In case you don't know, I am probably Greg McElroy's number one fan. I have already written one article about him, and this one definitely will not be the last. 

It's amazes me that NFL anaysts and sports personnel overlook the fact that the Jets have a third guy on the depth chart. We know that Mark Sanchez isn't the answer, so now people are saying it's Tim Tebow. Why? Sure, Tebow made that magical run last year with the Broncos. Sure, he is a dynamic force, and a hell of a football player. Sure, he is an entertaining player, in fact, I much rather seem him throw an interception than see Mark Sanchez throw one, to be quite honest with you. But Tebow, regardless if you truely believe he is god, or can't throw the football for his life, isn't the answer for the New York Jets. You must move one spot farther down in the depth chart to find the wasted talent that the New York Jets have ignored and disregarded for the past two years. 

Tim Tebow Is Not The Jets Backup Quarterback - He's a Football Player

on September 10 2012 9:21 PM

On the depth chart, Tim Tebow may be listed as the number two quarterback for the New York Jets, behind Mark Sanchez. But in reality, he's not - he's a well-rounded football player.

Not every football team can say that their backup quarterback and their starting quarterback were on the field at the same time, or their backup quarterback is the "punt block man," or their backup quarterback recovered a on-side kick. But the Jets can. 

In yesturday's game against the Buffalo Bills, Tim Tebow was invovled in 12 plays, took 11 snaps, and ran for 11 yards. He was lined up as a wide receiver the first play of the game, and actually was open, but Sanchez had elected to throw else where. Tebow continued to be involved on special teams, as he was the "punt block man," on Jet punts. He also recovered the on-side kick in the fourth quarter when the Bills almost made a comeback, trailing by 12. Tebow, besides the recovery on-side kick, was ineffective, and did not shed any signs of "Tebow Time" or the magic that he oozed last year with the Broncos. 

Washington Nationals Pitcher Stephen Strasburg Shut Down Effective Immediately

on September 08 2012 1:00 PM

The moment that Nationals fans have been dreading since the summer, has finally come along earlier this morning; Stephen Strasburg has been shut down for the remainder of the year. Strasburg's last start this season was yesterday against the Marlins, where he lasted only three innings, and gave up 5 runs.

The announcement was made public by Manager Davey Johnson earlier this morning. The whole idea of shutting him down sometime in September was to preserve him to pitch for the Nationals extensively in the near future. Strasburg recently came back from Tommy-John surgery that kept him out of most of last season. However, surprisingly, Johnson said the move to shut Strasburg down was more mental than physical, saying that it was clear that Strasburg did not have his head in the game yesterday. "To be honest with you, I think he just is thinking too much about the decision when we're going to shut him down," Johnson said after the game Friday night. "And he kind of wore it. He didn't like it. But that's the way it is."

Nationals pitcher John Lannan will replace Strasburg's spot in the rotation, and will make his first start Wednesday against the Mets in New York.

FALSE START! - NFL Season Could Be Put On Hold Due To Player Strike

on August 30 2012 9:44 PM
FALSE START! - NFL Season Could Be Put On Hold Due To Player Strike

In a recent interview with, NFLPA Executive Director Maurice Smith referred to the league's lockout of officials as "absurd" and would not rule out the strong possibility of a player strike. Smith stated that the replacement referees have created an environment in which the players feel unsafe, which also jeopardizes player health/safety.

"The NFL has chosen to prevent the very officials that they have trained, championed and cultivated for decades to be on the field to protect players and - by their own admission - further our goal of enhanced safety. That is absurd in the face," says Smith.

What's absurd about the situation is that there hasn't been any significant injuries; yet (knock on wood). When you watch some of these pre-season games, it's amazing the blown calls, the mistakes, and ludicrous calls that these preseason games have had. For instance, in the Jets vs. Panthers game, the replacement referees announced a penalty on David Harris, when it was really on Bart Scott. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to remember a simple name and number on the back of a jersey. 

Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. Turns 52 Today - Can He Be The Orioles Skipper Of The Future?

on August 24 2012 3:38 PM

52 years ago today, a 19-time all-star was born. The man who broke Lou Gerhig's consecutive game streak, which lasted for 56 years; Cal Ripken Jr.'s birthday is today.

Ripken Jr. is best known for breaking Gerhig's record, when he played his 2,131st game on September 6th, 1995.  He is regarded as one of the best shortstops of all time, and is said to open the doors for bigger shortstops to become successful at that position. In his 21 seasons as an MLB player, Ripken tallied up 3,184 hits, 431 homeruns, 1,695 RBI's, and also won two Gold Gloves. After his departure from baseball in 2001, Ripken continues to be involved with the game that he loves, developing his own nation wide league, Cal Ripken Baseball, and also becoming invovled in multiple charities, one of which being Lou Gerhig's disease. He also, with his brother Billy founded the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation, giving underprivledged kids the opportunity to attend baseball camps. He also his a co-founder of Athletes for Hope.

Ripken essentially never left the game, but can he become even more involved in the game than he already is in his post-playing career, possibly as a skipper for the Orioles?