Will Talbut

Why Rio Ferdinand Escaping A Ban Comes As No Surprise To Anyone

on March 13 2013 9:43 AM


Yesterday the FA announced that there would be no further action taken against Rio Ferdinand for his off the ball incident with Torres in the FA Cup quarter-final on Sunday. This incident came after Ferdinand escaped punishment for his sarcastic clapping at the end of the Champions League game on Tuesday. Whilst the incident may not appear to be much, it has to be said that what Ferdinand did was completely unprovoked by Torres & he even had the cheek to have a go at Torres when he fell over. Nice on Rio.

Chelsea’s Denial Of Contract Talks Confirms Lampard’s Exit

on March 06 2013 1:10 PM


Early on Tuesday morning, quotes started to surface that were apparently said by Chelsea chief executive Ron Gourlay in a press conference whilst away in Kuala Lumpar. In the press conference he apparently stated that talks were ongoing with Frank Lampard over a new contract. This immediately caused uproar in the media, as people thought that maybe the board had finally seen sense, and offered this club legend a new contract. Wrong. 

Within a couple of hours the club came out and said that Gourlay had in fact been misquoted, and that the club would not talk about player situations at that time. Every Chelsea fan’s heart dropped. Given a brief bit of hope that number 8 might be staying next season, before it’s taken straight away. Chelsea fans had some great news last week when they found out that Benitez wouldn’t be there next season, but I think the news of a new contract would be greeted even greater than Benitez’s exit. 

Chelsea FC News: Benitez Finally Cracks Under The Pressure

on February 28 2013 10:12 AM


So Benitez finally cracked. Just like he did at Liverpool when the pressure got to him, he’s done it at Chelsea. After the game against Middlesbrough, Benitez went on a rant about the Chelsea fans’ support as well as the board. He stated that the fans needed to just support the team and not worry about Benitez. Apparently 2,000 fans traveling on a Wednesday night to Middlesbrough isn’t supporting your team? 

But anyway, this outburst from Benitez has clearly been built up over time, but I don’t think any Chelsea fan really expected Benitez to crack. The fact that Benitez moans about the Chelsea fans just shows how stupid his comments were when he was at Liverpool, when he stated that the Chelsea fans have no passion. Rafa’s seen first hand that Chelsea fans do have a lot of passion for their side, and will speak up when they feel there club is being mislead. 

23 Players On Loan, Why The Chelsea Squad Is Unnecessarily Stretched

on February 10 2013 8:58 AM


There seems to be something very puzzling going on at Chelsea. Manager Rafael Benitez has been complaining in the media about the lack of resources he has available to him, in a squad that has at times looked very thin this season. The statement is made even more puzzling by the fact that Chelsea do have the players on their books to fill these spaces, only they’re on loan and not at the club. It’s not just 1 or 2 players who are on loan, but 23 players. 6 of these players have caps for their respective countries, and you’d have to feel that these players could have been recalled at some point to help the squad. Add into that the talented youngsters of Josh McEachran, Lucas Piazon & Nathaniel Chalobah who could certainly do a job for the side.

10 Reasons Why Super Bowl 47 Was So Memorable

on February 05 2013 2:22 PM


On Sunday night we witnessed yet another entertaining game, in what’s been yet another emotional and exciting NFL season, with Super Bowl 47’s spectacle proving to be a great way to end the year. The game had so many story lines leading up to the big game, mainly linked to the rivalry between the Harbaugh brothers & Ray Lewis’ final ride for the Ravens. But this game provided so much more, and it’s a game that will be remembered very fondly for years to come. Before the game people were worried that there wouldn’t be many points, and that it would be all about defence. How wrong they were. We saw 2 sides going at each other from the very start, and it was very entertaining fans, despite the 35 stoppage due to the power cut. In my eyes there were 10 reasons why this game will be memorable for me, despite my Giants not being in the game itself, and I’ll talk through those reasons now.

The Jacoby Jones 108 Kick Off Return