Thirty percent of Republicans say they would support bombing Agrabah, and 13 percent say they would oppose that measure. Most, about 57 percent, were simply unsure. If you’re unclear about where Agrabah is, that’s not because your Middle East geography is rusty. That’s because Agrabah is the mythical fairy-tale setting of Disney’s 1992 animated film "Aladdin."

The survey was conducted by the left-leaning Public Policy Polling, buried in 41 questions gauging 532 Republican primary voters' opinions about current politics. In the same poll, 28 percent of Republicans said they supported the World War II policy of Japanese-American mass internment, and 49 percent said they opposed it. Almost half of those polled – 46 percent – said they would support the creation of a national database of Muslims in the U.S.

Nineteen percent of Democrats also said they support bombing Agrabah. Thirty-six percent said they opposed such action.

The poll also found that supporters of the GOP front-runner Donald Trump were more likely to support bombing the mythical Arabian nation. Trump won 45 support among those who advocated for intervention in Agrabah, whereas he won just 22 percent support from those who opposed it, according to the Hill.

The poll results come amid a national debate over U.S. policy toward the civil wars in Syria and Iraq. While President Barack Obama is continuing airstrikes against the militant Islamic State group, also known as ISIS, several GOP candidates have called for a more aggressive strategy. Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, who has recently surged in the polls, said during Tuesday night’s CNN Republican debate that he would make the sand “glow” with a bombing campaign.

In the same Public Policy Polling survey, 54 percent of those surveyed said they would support banning Muslims from entering the U.S., while a quarter of those polled said they would oppose it. Twenty-eight percent said they would support shutting down U.S. mosques, whereas 47 percent said they would oppose that.