UPDATE, 5:16 p.m.: After hard work from CEO Cary Chessick, the Restaurant.com Web site was back up and running late Tuesday afternoon, offering $25 gift certificates for $1 for the company's holiday deal.

The same day Restaurant.com promoted a $25 gift card for the price of $1 offer, the Web site crashed due to high traffic volume.

According to the Restaurant.com Facebook page, $25 gift certificates were being sold for only $1 using the promo code Joy for this week only beginning Tuesday. However, some users experienced an error response when logging onto the Web site.

Hello, and thanks for visiting! Because our deal is so popular today, we are experiencing very high traffic volume. Thank you for your patience, and please try again later! the statement read.

However, customers still have time to score the deal this week, as the offer will run through Dec. 24 according to Restaurant.com.

Please do not worry! The sale lasts all week, running through Saturday December 24. So there's plenty of time to place your order for a great restaurant certificate or e-gift card, the company said.

The deal was first alluded to on Monday when the Restaurant.com Facebook page posted a teaser.

We love our Facebook fans so much that we wanted you to be the first to know about our super incredible holiday deal that starts tomorrow! We can't give away the details just yet, but it's going to be HUGE. Check back first thing and get ready to save!

On Tuesday morning, word spread of the holiday deal to get $25 Gift Certificates for as little as $1, which led to the Web site crash.

In addition to the Web site's error message, the Restauarant.com Twitter account assured users it will be up and running shortly once traffic is controlled with more $25 gift certificates for sale.

Hey holiday deal lovers, thx for ur patience. Our site is temporarily down but we're working hard to get it back up. #dontshootthemessenger, the message read.