The winter finale of “Resurrection” Season 2 was not a happy one. After the Returned church was bombarded with tear gas, Pastor Tom (Mark Hildreth) got everyone out of the church before he ran out. As soon as he was free of the tear gas, he was hit by Deputy Carl’s (Chris Berry) car.

“Resurrection” Season 2, episode 9 started off happy. Tom was in a nursery with the baby and Rachael (Kathleen Munroe). “We were so close Tom,” Rachael said.

Then “Resurrection” cut to reality. Tom lay on the pavement after being hit by a car and died.

Everyone was shocked by the loss. Henry (Kurtwood Smith) and Lucille (Frances Fisher) had to tell Jacob (Landon Gimenez) his old friend had died, but they didn’t want to go into details. Margaret (Michelle Fairley) urged them to tell him the truth, but they didn’t want to worry the boy. Henry tried to change the subject and tell Lucille he put the house up as collateral for the factory’s loan, but Lucille just said she wanted him to do what made him happy. She quickly changed the subject back to Tom’s death.

“An 8-year-old boy does not need to know that there are people out there who want to hurt him,” Lucille said. She didn’t know Jacob was listening through the vents.

Janine (Lori Beth Sikes) didn’t seem to have trouble digesting the news, but she wasn’t exactly in a sane state of mind. Janine drugged a glass of water before she went to Rachael’s room. Rachael didn’t remember going to sleep, but Janine claimed that they stayed up talking and reassured her. Janine left the water with her and swiped her cell phone as Rachael went back to sleep. When she woke up again, she didn’t touch the water. She went out to ask Janine if she’d heard from Tom and Janine admitted Tom was dead.

Rachael broke down in tears and wanted to see him. She tried to run past Janine and leave, but all the doors were locked from the inside. Janine told her it was for her own good and started talking to Rachael’s belly.

Rachael later thanked Janine for taking such good care of her. She asked for some sugar for her tea, but she hit Janine with a teakettle when she was turned around. Rachael stole her keys to escape.

Henry told his mother he resumed his deal with Addison (Kyle Secor) to bring the factory back. She wasn’t happy the deal was back on. Henry explained that William Kirk (TJ Linnard) was Addison’s grandfather and a former factory worker who wanted to help. Margaret went to her other son, the sheriff (Matt Craven), to tell him Kirk was trying to scam them because he originally died in the factory. She asked Fred to stop the crime. Knowing the violent history of the factory, he wasn’t too sympathetic.

“If you and Henry share some idiotic delusion that you can get the factory up and running again, you deserve everything you get,” Fred said.

“When I returned, I hoped you’d become a man in my absence. Now I know that it will never happen,” Margaret said.

Fred investigated and Addison admitted he just wanted to take Henry’s money. Fred gave Henry his money back and explained Kirk died in a fire at the factory in 1935 and wanted revenge. Henry didn’t want to believe him, but Fred said their mother had plenty of secrets. Fred advised Henry to ask her about what happened to Fred’s wife Barbara (April Billingsley) if he wanted to know about horrible things Mom had done.

Henry confronted his mother when she came home. Henry realized how his family killed people and sealed off the evidence. Margaret even admitted that she got rid of Barbara, and Henry kicked her out.

“It’s my house, Henry,” she said.

“No, Ma,” Henry said. “You’ve been dead for decades.”

Meanwhile, Bellamy (Omar Epps) was getting sick again after taking his last dose of the government’s treatment. Yet he wasn’t about to let Maggie (Devin Kelley) put him in bed. He needed to find Rachael, but eventually they decided to leave that in Fred’s hands.

Maggie and Bellamy headed back to the government facility. Bellamy only knew where it was because he left his phone there and used the GPS to locate it. Maggie said they couldn’t give up on his health. She believed Bellamy was back for a reason. He was randomly assigned an unusual case and brought to his birthplace. She thought it might be fate.

They went into the federal facility and were brought to Bellamy’s boss Ms. Forrester (Donna Murphy). They explained even though Rachael was missing, they might still be able to extract stem cells from the body she left behind in Season 1. While Forrester was ready to get Rachael’s body, her boss wasn’t. He said they were no longer authorized to treat the disease and nature had to take its course.

She regrettably informed them she couldn’t help any more and claimed there were no more treatments. However, Forrester snuck some drugs into Maggie’s medical bag.

Maggie’s father was trying to find Rachael and figure out who killed Tom. Carl was assigned to see if anyone saw Tom get hit, but the sheriff didn’t realize Carl had a smashed windshield from where Tom was hit.

Luckily, Fred realized two canisters of tear gas were missing. He knew it was one of his men who had attacked the church and somehow knew it was Carl. He came into Carl's house and demanded answers.

“Seriously Fred, what is the point of all this?” Carl said. “He could come back. Death, it doesn’t much matter around here anymore.”

Fred put a gun to his throat and asked if death mattered to him now. Fred arrested his deputy.

A memorial for Tom started outside of the church. However, Joey Nolan (Cullen Moss) and the anti-Returned came to protest the memorial. “He was a sympathizer. Makes him just as bad as they are,” Joey explained.

Fred couldn’t get Joey and his men to go before Henry noticed. The two immediately started arguing after Henry recognized him as the one responsible for putting graffiti on the houses of the Returned.

It turns out Joey’s issues with Henry went deeper than just the Returned. “We gave the Langstons all we had, like everyone else in this town,” Joey said. “For what? So you abandoned it when things got hard? Abandoned us? That factory was our life. Just because your kid died doesn’t mean the rest of us should have to suffer for it.”

Henry tackled Joey and they ended up in a fight on the pavement. Lucille immediately ran over to stop it while Jacob looked on. His grandmother approached him while he was alone, and he remembered when she said that they would have to leave eventually.

“I want to go now,” Jacob said. “I don’t want my parents to get hurt anymore.”

Margaret took him away from the scene without telling his parents. Lucille noticed he was missing just after Margaret led him away. She, Henry and Fred immediately started panicking when Jacob didn’t seem to be at the memorial site.

“Resurrection” Season 2 will return in January. Do you think Jacob will disappear or will he just go away with Margaret for a while? Sound off in the comments section below!