“Resurrection” Season 2, episode 8 revealed plenty of secrets. Margaret (Michelle Fairley) figured out which factory worker from her past Returned for revenge while Tom (Mark Hildreth) declared his feelings for one of the women in his life. Meanwhile, Bellamy (Omar Epps) revealed his secret of being a Returned to a lot of people. “Resurrection” was filled with surprises, to say the least, and the last surprise may have been deadly.

Episode 8 started with a woman (Cynthia Barrett) who told Tom that she couldn’t keep her dead husband’s Returned father in her house. With the recent marks on people’s doors and the anti-Returned movement on the rise, she worried for the safety of her children. The people of Arcadia are interpreting the vandalism as a serious threat.

Margaret was worried about her own safety. After recognizing someone in one of Brian’s (Kyle Secor) photos in episode 7, she went through her old photos and discovered it was William Kirk (TJ Linnard), someone who burned in the factory. She went to see Brian and told him she remembered his grandfather.

“I was just a girl, and all I know are the stories I told,” she said. “Still, if there was even a modicum of truth to those rumors, I wouldn’t blame someone for wanting revenge on the Langstons. … Kill the deal. Stay the hell away from my family.”

When Henry (Kurtwood Smith) heard from the bank that his investor, Brian, backed out of the deal, he was confused. He wanted to hear from Brian himself, but Margaret talked him out of it. She insisted he should just forget the investor.

Yet Henry still went to Brian’s house to convince him to recommit to their deal. He met Brian’s grandfather. William said he worked in the factory, but he didn’t mention that the Langstons burned him to death there. He just told Brian he should invest in the factory and Brian couldn’t say no. They went to the bank and took out what they needed -- but Henry had to put his house up as collateral.

Maggie (Devin Kelley) was trying to save the Returned from the virus. She wondered if Rachael’s (Kathleen Munroe) pregnancy helped her recover from the virus. The baby has stem cells that could’ve slipped into Rachael’s bloodstream. Maggie asked Rachael if she could take some of her amniotic fluid and see if she could develop a cure. Rachael didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Janine (Lori Beth Sikes) was convinced Maggie was putting Rachael’s baby in danger. She believed Maggie guilted her into the procedure, but Tom assured her that Rachael was willing.

Later, Janine woke Rachael from a nap to tell her Tom wanted them to stay with Janine’s sister. He was worried about the anti-Returned people and they needed to hide. Tom came home to an empty house, and he was confused. He found Janine’s diary. It looked more like a mother’s journal. It had plans for a shower, nursery colors, names and one line even said, “my baby.” Tom called Janine, who claimed they were getting a second opinion from another doctor. Tom told her to come home, but she hung up on him.

After Maggie created an experimental treatment, she was ready to treat Elaine’s brother Ray (Travis Young), the non-Returned with the virus. “If I die I want to stay dead … but if I come back, tell Elaine don’t trust me,” Ray said. “It won’t really be me.”

Sheriff Fred (Matt Craven) went to investigate the True Returned. He talked to Elaine (Samaire Armstrong), only to discover her in the midst of a slight breakdown. She was angry Ray was sick. She had to take care of him her whole life, and she has started to resent him. Fred calmed her with some food and asked her if she ever heard about the True Living. Elaine, of course, knew all about the group because she had to serve them at the grill.

The sheriff took Bellamy to the grill to find some of the members of the True Living. They ran into Joey (Cullen Moss), a man who didn’t deny painting crosses on the houses of the Returned. He said the Returned weren’t natural. He claimed they had to be dangerous because Fred called the military in after they first arrived. He said they were different from normal humans. That didn’t sit well with Bellamy.

“What about me?” Bellamy asked. “I look different to you?”

Bellamy pinned Joey to the table. “I want you to remember my face, Joey. You got a problem with the Returned, you got a problem with me. Because I’m Returned too,” he warned him.

The entire grill heard Bellamy declare his status as Returned. It even shocked Fred. The whole town will know soon enough.

Pastor Tom met with Bellamy at the Returned Church to go over what was happening with the True Living. Rachael called him to talk, and Tom realized that his wife lied. They weren’t getting a second opinion. Janine was trying to hide Rachael. Rachael didn’t understand why she would do such a thing.

“Cause she knows I’m in love with you,” Tom said. “And because she knows without me she can’t have the baby. … The truth is I love you, only you. Always have.”

They agreed she had to get out of Janine’s sister’s house, and Tom returned his attention to Bellamy. He said he was going to get Rachael, but someone tossed a cannister of tear gas into the church. Tom ran out of the church rubbing his eyes and not looking where he was going. A car hit him and it isn’t clear if Tom is dead or alive.

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