“Resurrection” Season 2 is currently on winter hiatus, but the show will return in January. When it comes back, expect the drama to pick up right where it left off in episode 9. According to the synopsis for episode 10, "Prophecy," things are going to get intense for Bellamy (Omar Epps).

Margaret (Michelle Fairley) and Jacob (Landon Gimenez) ran off in episode 9, and Bellamy and the Langstons will still be searching for them when the show returns. Henry (Kurtwood Smith) kicked Margaret out of her own house, and Jacob said he wanted to leave so people would stop getting hurt. They don’t seem to want to be found, but that won’t stop people from looking for them. However, a natural occurence could stop everything. “A violent storm hits Arcadia, knocking out all the power,” the synopsis teases.

Margaret will think about her past while she and Jacob are hiding. While she convinced her Returned daughter-in-law Barbara (April Billingsley) to disappear forever, she might not immediately do that with Jacob. The guest cast includes Faye Foley as 10-year-old Margaret and Bailey Borders as 17-year-old Margaret, so it looks like Margaret will have plenty of flashbacks while they're on the run. Fans will recall that when she was a child, people Returned from the dead for the first time in Arcadia. Margaret helped kill them.

While Bellamy would like to focus on Jacob’s disappearance, he’ll have to worry about his past coming back to haunt him. “True Blood” actor Jim Parrack will play Preacher James, “a visitor with a mysterious link to Bellamy,” according to the synopsis. He might even be from Bellamy’s past before he Returned. Fans will get another look at Bellamy’s sister too. Nadej Bailey will reprise her role as Jenny in the winter premiere.

“Resurrection” Season 2, episode 10, will premiere on Sunday, Jan. 4, at 9 p.m. EST on ABC. Do you think Margaret and Jacob will choose to disappear forever or will they stick around?