“Resurrection” Season 2 isn’t planning on being any less mysterious or creepy. A promo video for the Season 2 premiere of the ABC show was leaked online and raises even more questions for fans.

The video follows the first of the Returned, Jacob, into the cemetery. He goes to his family’s mausoleum and opens up the doors. It's inside that he sees Margaret Langston’s name. The tombstone indicates that she was his grandmother and that she died before Jacob drowned.

Jacob turns around when he hears a voice asking what happened. Jacob explains, “Well I died and then I came back. Just like you, Grandma.”

Though she is not shown in the promo, "Game Of Thrones" actress Michelle Fairley will be playing Jacob’s grandmother. At San Diego Comic-Con, it was revealed that Margaret, still the same age as when she died, will be younger than her sons Henry and Fred.

When last season ended, Sheriff Fred Langston corralled all of the Returned into the high school gym. It seemed like he was going to kill them all. Hopefully, the return of his dead mother will stop his bloodlust for a while. But even if he still wants them dead, it won’t work. Rachel came back last season for a second time after she was shot. The Returned are staying and apparently plenty more are on the way. One question fans are left with: How many generations will be Returned?

Check out the promo below:

“Resurrection” Season 2 will premiere on ABC on Sunday, Sept. 29, at 9 p.m. EDT. What effect do you think Margaret's return will have on her sons? Leave your theories in the comments section below!