So far in the currencies market, the appeal of the dollar and the yen is seducing once again the traders as uncertainties and worries persist since the global recession is still extremely far away of easing, seeing the German industrial plunging further and deeply for a fifth month now, knowing that it is the strongest economy in the European Union.

Consequently, the euro-dollar pair is slumping as now the dollar is targeted over the euro due to the lower-yielding nature, watching the union's currency being traded at 1.2774 recording a high of 1.2870 and a low of 1.2730 with a resistance level seen at 1.2831 and a support level at 1.2722, which are in fact levels the pair is trading as mixed signs are detected through the momentum indicators at different time scales.

As for the pound-dollar pair, it is falling due to the unwinding of carry trades that is so far present and the evaporation of the appetite of risk, seeing the royal pound traded at 1.3771 recording a high of 1.3920 and a low of 1.3726 along with a resistance at 1.3826 and a support at 1.3720. Plus, the pair is slightly inclining on the 30-minutes and the 1-hour scale as it is rising to the upside at these similar times in the momentum indicators.

Now, the dollar-yen pair is plunging as the green currency is being pulled down by the strengthened Japanese currency, since it remains the lowest yielding currency, seeing the yen traded at 96.51 recording a high of 97.29 and a low of 95.66. Moreover a resistance could be detected at the level 97.14 and a support at the level 95.58.