Leonardo DiCaprio may be one of the eligible bachelors in Hollywood, however, he revealed in an interview that he’s also looking forward to having a family and his own children someday.

“The Revenant” actor is featured on the cover of the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone. In an interview with the magazine, DiCaprio was asked if he sees himself having children and starting a family in the near future. The 41-year-old actor answered, "Do you mean do I want to bring children into a world like this? If it happens, it happens."

DiCaprio, who is also an environmentalist, refused to elaborate on what he meant and told Rolling Stone that he would rather stay silent about it. "I'd prefer not to get into specifics about it, just because then it becomes something that is misquoted. But yeah. I don't know. To articulate how I feel about it is just gonna be misunderstood,” he said.

Apart from fatherhood and having babies, DiCaprio also shared that felt “fulfilled” with the experience of doing “The Revenant.” The Hollywood veteran even stated that he “would love to do something even darker” than the said film.

Meanwhile, DiCaprio’s reaction to Lady Gaga brushing past him during the 2016 Golden Globes recently became viral. When Lady Gaga was on her way to the stage to accept her Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie award for her role in “American Horror Story: Hotel,” the singer accidentally bumped into DiCaprio. The actor’s reaction was caught on camera, as he winced while the singer walked by.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, DiCaprio admitted he was surprised that the moment became a trending topic. He explained that his reaction was not meant to offend Lady Gaga. “I just didn’t know what was passing me -- that’s all!” he stated.   

DiCaprio won the 2016 Golden Globe award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama for his role in “The Revenant.”