The truth doesn’t always set you free -- at least that’s what Emily (Emily VanCamp) found out during episode 4 of “Revenge.” During episode 3, “Meteor,” Emily made a shocking discovery: Her father (James Tupper), whom she thought had been dead for a few decades (after being framed for a terrorist attack), is alive, well and rocking a pretty serious beard. How did Emily react to the explosive news? Well, let’s just say we’ve never seen her so unraveled.

“My father -- he’s alive. I just saw him in the lineup. I swear to God, Nolan, it was him. How is this possible? After everything -- it was him,” she told Gabriel Mann’s character.

Emily spotted her father in a lineup after being called down to the station. Ben (Brian Hallisay) had wanted Emily to determine if any of the men standing before her were the ones who broke into her house. But instead of pinning the break-in on her dad, she claimed perp No. 3 had nothing to do with the incident. The episode concluded without Emily able to see her father face-to-face, a scenario she'd only thought possible in her wildest dreams. But it looks like Emily will have to endure a few nightmares to get her happily-ever-after with her dad. Currently David is in the clutches of Victoria, who got to him first, filling his head with not-so-nice things about this Emily character (which is why he attempted to attack her in the middle of the night).

And one answered question always leads to a thousand new questions on “Revenge.” So, now that Emily knows her father is alive, viewers are wondering when David will learn that the woman Victoria despises so fiercely is actually his daughter, Amanda? And how will David react to learning he almost killed his child to the whim of his lover?

We can’t wait to find out, but we're not holding our breath. According to “Revenge” executive producer Sunil Nayar, David’s plotline will gradually unfold throughout Season 4 of the ABC drama. Talk about a slow burn! And the simmering of his story will begin with episode 5 of the new season.

According to the synopsis for “Repercussions,” Emily will spend episode 5 scheming to meet her father, who recently made headlines due to his re-emergence and newly clean record. But will Emily’s attempt to orchestrate a reunion with her dad be successful? With the conniving Victoria digging her claws into David, it seems very unlikely that a daddy/daughter reunion could occur -- unless, of course, there were drama, weapons and a few stinging one-liners involved.

“Where the hell is my father?” Emily questions Victoria in the promo video for episode 5. But Victoria rebuts that maybe a Clarke reunion isn’t the best idea, considering Emily will be forced to tell her dad how many deaths she's caused in her vengeance-seeking journey.

The trailer for “Repercussions” also hints that Emily won’t be the only one on a manhunt for a loved one. David will also be searching for his little girl, unaware that the woman he tried to kill is his daughter. Let’s just hope David finds out the truth before trouble strikes -- again.

What do you think will happen in episode 5 of “Revenge”? “Repercussions” will air on ABC on Sunday, Oct. 26, at 10 p.m. EDT.