Tonight is the night all “Revenge” fans have been waiting for! In Season 11’s episode, “Ambush,” David (James Tupper) finally reunited with his daughter Emily (Emily VanCamp) -- or should we say Amanda? But before we dive into what happened when the duo met face-to-face in one of the most climatic scenes taken place in “Revenge” history, here’s a quick breakdown of what occurred leading up to the ever so dramatic reunion.

Emily had pieced together that her father was the one behind Conrad’s (Henry Czerny) demise.

“You think your father is lying?” Nolan (Gabriel Mann) asked his insomniac bestie who had spent all night snooping through David’s house. “You think your father murdered Conrad Grayson?” And the answer is yes. Wouldn’t you if you found a bloody murder weapon suspiciously hidden in a potential suspect’s home?

And David wasn't the only one who seemed a bit sketchy in episode 7. Daniel (Josh Bowman) warned Margaux (Karine Vanasse) to be cautious of the manipulative Louise (Elena Satine) in episode 7. But Margaux wasn’t concerned over Louise’s little crush on her man. In fact, she told her beau to keep his work relations with the well-off redhead because she “might be good for business.”

“Daniel, don’t be so worried. I’m sure she’s harmless,” Margaux added in the foreshadowing statement. We can only imagined how steamed she was when Louise locked poor Marg in a sauna, nearly killing the savvy French native.

One of the steps that lead David to Emily’s doorstep in episode 7 was his one-on-one with Jack (Nick Weschler). David wanted to apologize to the “father of his grandson” for essentially calling Jack a less-than-impressive husband for Amanda. But Jack quickly responded that it wasn’t him David should be asking forgiveness from -- it’s Nolan.

Jack explained to an uninformed David that Nolan was nothing but loyal to Amanda. “He was a good friend to her,” he reiterated. That’s when David found out Nolan wasn’t the only one kind to his kid prior to her death. Another one of Amanda’s  "good friends" was none other than Emily. Oh Jack, you clever man!

“Emily Thorne, I’m David Clarke. I thought it was time we met,” he introduced himself, adding that the reason he wanted to chat is because he was determined to find out more about his daughter -- the truth. “The more I hear, the less familiar she feels. Jack Porter says you and Amanda were close.”

Emily nodded and revealed to David that she knew how much Amanda cared about her father. “I know for a fact she never stopped thinking about you.”

“I didn’t realize my daughter had such good friends,” David responded, explaining Victoria (Madeline Stowe) has claimed Amanda was a “little lost.”

“I wouldn’t consider her a credible witnessed,” Emily teased before giving David a taste at just how destructive Victoria can be. Emily opened up the can of worms regarding what happened the day Amanda died and how prior to her death she was fighting with Victoria.

But of course, Victoria found a way to disprove Emily’s comment when the Grayson matriarch paid off a stripper (a former co-worker of Amanda) to fill David’s head with lies. After giving the dancer a valuable necklace, she told David false information regarding what happened at the baby shower, clearing Victoria’s name (in David’s eyes) from killing Amanda.

And we can only imagine Emily's fury when she got wind of how far Victoria had gone to preserve her dirty little secret. But as it turned out, Emily had bigger issues on her mind other than Victoria’s menacing plan.

“He didn’t even recognize me, Nolan. How could he not know who I am?” she asked, tears streaming down her face. “I spent all this time honoring his memory and he doesn’t even have one of me?”

Nolan responded that maybe David isn’t the same man he used to be.

After Nolan’s eye-widening comment, Emily spent the remainder of her night uncovering that David had been monitoring the fake Amanda in the Hamptons all while having flashbacks of her childhood. That’s when she decided to set the recorder straight once and for all. She marched into David’s home and poured her heart out, revealing that she was actually the real Amanda -- and pretty disappointed her daddy dearest didn't come to her aid sooner. Needless to say, the revelation left David breathless.

During Emily’s identity reveal, Victoria snuck away from the chaos only to get knocked out by a fallen power line outside. Karma comes in all shapes and sizes, huh Vic?

It’s also important to note that Daniel revealed to Emily that he knows her secret. The duo had a rather interesting moment together in the elevator that included Daniel asking Emily if she ever had true feelings for him.

“Nothing comes to mind. Maybe there was a time. But the moment you aligned yourself with your father it was all over,” she said.

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