New year, new drama. And that’s exactly what “Revenge” fans can anticipate when Season 4 airs episode 12, “Madness,” on Sunday, Jan. 11. According to the synopsis for next week’s exciting installment, viewers will get to watch David’s (James Tupper) premeditative plan of taking down Victoria (Madeline Stowe) begin. But daddy dearest won’t be working solo on this menacing plot – he’ll be requiring the help of his vengeance-seeking daughter Emily (Emily VanCamp) to finally kill the woman who caused so much chaos in their lives.

Sunil Nayar, the series showrunner, teased to E! Online that this shift in the storyline would help “deepen [Emily’s] relationship with her father.” Talk about a strange bonding experience.

But believe us – that’s only the beginning to the family drama set to occur in “Madness.” According to reports, everyone’s favorite, crazy southerner Louise (Elena Satine) will be having her fair share of family woes when her easy-on-the-eyes brother makes his Hamptons debut.

TVLine reported that the ever so handsome Sebastian Pigott would be taking on the role of Louise’s kin, acting as her brother Lyman. Lyman is described as a manipulative character that uses his southern charm and familiarity with politics to get ahead. And from the promo pictures of episode 12, it looks like he’ll be using his charisma on an unsuspecting victim: Nolan (Gabriel Mann).

revenge season 4 spoilers Will Lyman (Sebastian Pigott, left) and Nolan (Gabriel Mann, right) form a relationship in Season 4 of "Revenge"? Photo: ABC

Since Louise made her first appearance on the hit ABC series, fans have known that the red head beauty has been up to no good. But we can only imagine what Louise will do now that her equally as mischievous brother is in town.

It was theorized by TVLine that the golden child of the Ellis family would be catching the eye of a completely smitten Nolan. But would Emily’s BFF be so foolish as to trust anyone related to crazy Louise? (Did he forget the botched Photoshop incident?)

revenge season 4 spoilers Louise (Elena Satine, center) won't be too happy to see Emily (Emily VanCamp, not pictured) crash her dinner party with Nolan (Gabriel Mann, left) and Lyman (Sebastian Pigott, right) in episode 12 of "Revenge." Photo: ABC

We have a feeling that Nolan’s dinner party is perhaps the event which leads to a possible budding relationship with Lyman. In the promo images it’s shown that Louise gets rather undone when Emily makes her unexpected arrival to the table. Sweet Lyman tries to calm his sister down but she’s inconsolable. Is it possible Nolan will be fooled by Lyman’s alleged caring heart for his blatantly mental sister? As if Nolan’s friendship with Louise couldn’t get any weirder.

Do you think Nolan will fall for Lyma? Watch episode 12, “Madness,” on Sunday, Jan. 11, at 10 p.m. EST. Sound off in the comments section below with your theories.