Now that’s what you call heart-stopping drama. In the series finale of “Revenge,” which aired May 10, Emily (Emily VanCamp) was shot in the chest by her arch nemesis Victoria (Madeline Stowe) after David (James Tupper) fired a bullet into the Grayson matriarch. It was a shocking scene. But what was even more surprising than the permanent death of Victoria (and her ability to fire back after getting shot) was the cliffhanger fans of the ABC thriller were left with when “Two Graves” concluded.

In the episode, Emily abruptly awoke (while sailing the Atlantic with her husband Jack [Nick Wechsler]) after having one of her sweat-inducing and recurring dreams. Victoria might have been dead, but the Hamptonite was haunting Em from beyond the grave. The revenge-seeking character dreamt every night that the heart she was given during her transplant was none other than Victoria’s.

However, the long-running drama never confirmed whether or not Emily’s nightmare was real or not -- and that’s exactly the way showrunner Sunil Nayar wanted it.

“I love the fact that it's an open question,” the executive producer said to E! News, adding that he “had many conversations” with VanCamp and Stowe regarding the hearty plot twist and whether or not he wanted to divulge the truth behind it. “I just liked the idea that it's definitely a nightmare Amanda is having, but at the same time, the show has always shown that there's always a context for memories and nightmares, there's always some basis of truth, sometimes what you've been told is the truth but sometimes what you want to believe is the truth. It speaks to the core of the show: not knowing who you are in any given moment and not knowing if that is good or bad or if you are your own worst enemy. I love that it is being debated. I hoped it would. What are the implications if it's true vs. if it's just her nightmare?”

But unfortunately for Nayar, the debate is officially over. VanCamp decided to clear the air on Twitter Sunday night, revealing whether or not her character’s dream was just a nightmare or a real life hell.

While VanCamp claimed the storyline was nothing more than a dream, Stowe sang a different tune when she sat down with TVLine. According to the actress, she originally thought the transplant storyline was real.

“When we did the table read, it absolutely happened,” she divulged. “But they wanted to go for a little more poetry and have it be in her psyche so that you saw she was troubled by this. They’d never tell a transplant recipient who gave the heart unless both sides agreed to it. In the original draft, it absolutely happened.”

Would you have wanted Emily’s heart transplant to have come from Victoria? Or are you satisfied that it’s only a haunting dream? Sound off in the comments section below your thoughts on the “Revenge” series finale cliffhanger.