My printers at home usually lasts for a couple of years so I am not really so in tuned to the latest in Printingtechnology.  However, I do scan all my mail and important documents to be saved on Dropbox (Yes - I have scanned mail and bills dating back a decade).  I have been doing this using a standalone flatbed scanner thru the years.

I recently decided to get a Scanner with an Automatic Document Feeding (ADF) for seamless scanning and thus found the need to get an all in one Scanner/Printer.  Having read about iOS AirPrinting I decided to look at HP's range of Airprint enabled Printers.


AirPrint is the feature in iOS 4.2 (and above) that lets you print directly from your iOS device to an AirPrint-enabled printer.  NO cables are required, just a network connected printer - In layman's terms you just need to plug an internet cable from your wi-fi router to the printer.

What Apple calls AirPrint, HP calls ePrint and by far, HP has the largest collection on AirPrint enabled Printers out there (Scroll to the bottom of this link to see all available models).

I decided to settle on the HP6500A ($200 from the HP Asian online Store, USD 100 for the US store) that had the following features:

  • Inkjet Printer
  • Flatbed and ADF Scanner
  • Network Enabled (Cable) for ePrinting
  • Fax


Printing From my iDevice (home and away)

After setting up the Printer, and connecting it to the network I was able to see the printer under the Printer List on all my iDevice.  If I was out of my wireless network range, I could simply email the document to a preset email address and the printer will print the email with its attachments.


The HP6500A's automatic document feeder let me put all the documents that I wish to scan onto the ADF.  Scanning was a breeze with several options to scan documents:

Scan from scanner to computer by activating it on the scanner (computer needs to be switch on with software installed).  Scanned PDF or JPG will be saved to your computer

Scan directly to Google Doc or Box account - This had an irritating habit of asking me to repeat my password every time I used this feature, so I created a new Gmail account with an easy password for this purpose.


I have had good experiences with HP printers so I keep going back to it.  The apps section on the Printer was a good idea but their features not polished - an example being that you cannot save a password for your Google Docs or accounts.  As with their TouchPad experience, I don't think software or rather integrating 3rd party software is HP's Forte.

However, coming from a caveman's perspective in relation to printers, I would say that AirPrint has certainly changed the way things are done.  I am happy with my printer and knowing my past experience with HP, I trust this printer will serve me well for the next few years.  If it doesn't then you can expect a rant post from me.


The original post was published on Simon Blog: Review: AirPrinting on HP 6500A Printer