In the past four weeks, Kraig Biocraft Laboratories has had two significant announcements. Exactly a month ago, the company announced that its scientific team succeeded in activating fluorescent marker gene sequences which the researchers incorporated into spider silk DNA packets. This means that the DNA insertion packets are working and that Kraig Biocraft has succeeded in obtaining chromosomal insertion and expression.

CEO Kim K. Thompson had this to say after the success, Not only are the DNA packets incorporating themselves into the silkworm chromosome as expected, the silkworms are actually producing the fluorescent proteins as they are instructed to do by the genetic coding in the spider silk insertion packets... This is a dramatic shift forward in the Company’s spider silk and high performance polymer development program.

In more recent news, the company announced that it has accomplished five thousand genetic transfers in a single week using the newly designed DNA insertion packets. The achievement exceeded the company's wildest expectations in 2008, and more importantly, the research team is now performing these gene transfers in large numbers on a regular basis. With this number of gene insertions, the odds of the company developing a viable polymer is increasing exponentially.

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