Private Jet-chartering services: For the consummate multitasker

with the heart of a luxury shopper, Revolution Air has an idea that is

sure to take flight! With private-jet-chartering services always in

search of features upscale flyers will see as valuable, Ron Goldstein,

president of Revolution Air is hopeful that providing in-flight luxury

shopping is noticed by his company's upscale clientele.

Revolution Air is aligning with SkyBuyHigh to offer passengers an

in-flight luxury-shopping experience featuring luxury watchmakers Dior,

Zenith, and Tag Heuer and world-renowned fashion designers, such as

Judith Leiber and Adrienne Landau.

Most of our clientele, including celebrities, music tours,

and participants and spectators for the upcoming Kentucky Derby, are

looking for a flight experience that offers more than just private

travel and allows them to make the most of their flight time, said

Goldstein. We are always looking for ways to add value and improve the

quality of service and experience. Offering the SkyBuyHigh system on

our flights gives busy passengers the opportunity to purchase gifts

during their flight, when they have the opportunity to fully consider

the products available.

The company's proprietary on-screen catalog is displayed

in-flight to passengers flying Revolution Air. All merchandise offered

is sold free of tax and shipping fees. Along with goods, additional

luxury services, such as travel packages, also are available via the

friendly screens of SkyBuyHigh.

Ron Goldstein added, Our research finds individuals are still making

luxury purchases, but they are becoming more conscious of the purchase

experience and what they are buying. High-quality items offered at

competitive prices like those featured on SkyBuyHigh meet the buying

criteria for today's luxury consumers.