Revolutions Medical Corporation, well known for their innovative medical technologies like the RevVac safety syringe, RevDisplay, RevColor, and the industry-standard setting Rev3D MRI technology, addressed recent mass media reports implicating CT scans as a major cause of cancer today, Thursday, December 17.

This devastating news is nothing short of revolutionary for MRI developers like RevMed, whose technology is free from the risks associated with CT scans. According to two new studies published Monday by the Archives of Internal Medicine, computerized tomography or CT, which uses radiation to map tissues systems in a non-invasive fashion, puts patients at substantial risk for triggering the development of cancerous cells and tumors.

The studies pointed out some alarming statistics. For example, the CT scans done in 2007 alone would result in some 29k cancers, including 2k cases of breast cancer that otherwise wouldn’t have existed, which means the death toll from CT scans in 2007 could reach as high as 15k Americans.

This all represents a real watershed moment for MRI technology, which has been traditionally avoided for various desired scans to due higher cost. But with the revelations about the true dangers of CT emerging, it is quite clear that, moving forward, patient safety will supersede cost, driving the MRI industry to unprecedented new heights.

RevMed CTO Richard Theriault called this announcement about CT scans a “bombshell” for the MRI industry, pointing out that as insurance companies “evaluate the impact of a cancer case vs. a moderately more expensive scan, the math may drive a mandated move to MRI”.

While bad news for many patients subjected by cost to inferior and dangerous CT technology, this is very good news for RevMed’s bottom line and for the Company’s investors.

Theriault went on to note that the number of radiologists had remained “constant in recent years” even as aging Baby Boomers filter into the health care marketplace and MRI scans steadily increase, suggesting that a threshold would be reached eventually where “there will be more scans than professionals to read them”.

Theriault also pointed out that if the threshold is reached during an “immediate and substantial shift from CT to MRI, the possibility for widespread misdiagnoses is a real one”.

Theriault went on to describe the ways in which RevMed’s proprietary technology can solve all of these problems, both by offering a substantially streamlined methodology which makes reading scans more efficient and accurate, and by replacing dangerous CT with MRI.

Theriault further touted RevMed’s MRI Technology (RevColor, RevDisplay and Rev3D), explaining its unique capabilities and features by saying the “ability to convert standard grayscale scans to segmented, three-dimensional, color images” would help radiologists to “arrive at the correct diagnosis much more quickly, and at less risk to the patient”.