One company that has quickly started to catch the attention of investors in the medical field is Revolutions Medical Corporation (RevMed). RevMed creates software solutions and proprietary tools that are compatible with standard MRIs and standard PACS.

Today, RevMed took a major step towards enhancing the future of their company with the announcement that it has initiated the mass manufacturing process for its RevVac safety syringe, which has already been approved by the FDA.

This is a primary milestone for a company which already produces RevColor, Rev Display and Rev3D MRI Technology and will allow RevMed to satisfy its previously announced commitment to begin production in the fourth quarter of this year. RevMed has also announced that it is on pace to meet its Q2 2010 sales launch goal and $14.8 million in 2010 revenue projection

When asked about the future of RevMed and the effects of reaching this milestone, the company CTO Richard Rheriault was quoted as saying, “After years in developing what we believe is the world’s best safety syringe, we are extremely pleased to announce that the plan is now reality — we have launched the mass manufacturing process for the RevVac safety syringe. This constitutes the next step toward full scale high volume production and commercialization.”

He continued, “With this first phase we will 1) provide market-ready samples and 2) complete the steps necessary to ensure ultimate delivery of a high quality, high volume manufacturing solution. We have been working closely with the team at Goddard Technologies ( — the group responsible for the recent crucial product refinements — towards this, our primary pre-sales milestone. We remain precisely on pace with our stated goals, and we can now demonstrate tangible progress toward bringing the much-anticipated RevVac to market in Q2 ‘10.”

With numerous amounts of production in their pipeline and milestones being reached well ahead of schedule, RevMed seems ready to become a major player in the medical field.

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