Revonergy Inc., a global developer and operator of renewable energy plants squarely focused on long-term cash flows and obtaining renewable energy credits, announced the election of four new members to its Board of Directors in accordance with the recent Dec. 09 change of control. The new members are Ravi Daswani, Ian Robinson, Ken Telford, and Simoun Ung.

President and CEO of RNRG, Ravi Daswani, thanked everyone for their hard work, which has culminated in being able to assemble a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who collectively bring a robust skill set in key areas like renewable energy, waste-to-energy and corporate stewardship, remarking that this team will be the tip of the spear as the Company “embarks on a period of hyper-growth”.

Daswani, who is now also Revonergy’s Executive Director, brings his vast array of business experience in Asia, the Americas, Africa and Europe to the table, backed by his experience starting and managing successful businesses in international trade, distribution, dry goods and consumer electronics, among others. His leadership ventures include:

• Founder and CEO of independent power plant developer Revonergy plc in 07
• Founder, COO and co-CEO, director for Brek Energy Corporation 99-01
• Co-owner and managing director for Hong Kong ISP Asia Internet Limited 97-99

Ian Robinson, Non-executive Director and Chairman of the Board, is a 40-year veteran Hong Kong CPA/Australia Chartered Accountant and former partner of one of the world’s leading professional services companies, Ernst & Young. Robinson, who brings his sage council to the mix, has served as director for multiple operations, of which a few are:

• Hong Kong Housing Society
• The Kerry Packer Group
• Geelong Sales Company International Ltd.
• Amazon Storage Systems International Ltd.
• ENM Holdings Limited (listed in Hong Kong)
• L&L Holdings Limited (listed Nasdaq GM)
• Brek Energy Corporation (formerly listed OTCBB)

Ken Telford, Executive Director and CFO, is a US CPA/Canada Chartered Accountant who brings his diverse industry experience as an executive of many companies to bear as well. His experience includes:

• Founder, CFO, Secretary and director of Energy Source Technologies, Inc. 07-10
• CFO, director of Mobiclear Inc. 08-10
• CFO, Secretary, and director for Essential Innovations Technology Corp 03-07
• CFO of Skymark Investments Ltd. and PayGen International 04-06
• CFO and Secretary of Brek Energy Corporation 00-03
• COO and CFO of Tropical Rent-a-Car Systems Inc.

Simoun Ung, Non-executive Director, is an Ivey School of Business (University of Western Ontario) MBA and University of British Columbia BA who has been a resource speaker on advanced money laundering for the FBI. Ung is President of the Philippine Chapter of the Foundation for Support of the United Nations, a 3P Foundation U.S.A. trustee, and has owned and operated businesses in a variety of fields including:

• Internet payment service provider
• Card-based remittance company
• Third party payment processing
• Broadband services
• General consulting
• Real estate