Teresa Giudice arrived at the U.S. federal court in Newark, New Jersey, Thursday around 10 a.m. EDT to be sentenced after pleading guilty to multiple counts of fraud in March. Tabloid photographers swarmed the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star and her husband, Joe, who also faced sentencing for fraud, as they made their way into the courthouse. Fans of the Bravo reality series eagerly await news of the couple's fate. Teresa asked for mercy in the sentencing, citing her charity work, as she wants to be able to take care of her four children. 

The couple falsified documents in loan applications and tax forms to the tune of $5 million in stolen revenue. They were originally indicted on 41 seperate charges of fraud but plead guilty to only four in March. The sentencing hearing was delayed for months following the death of Joe Giudice's father. In light of their legal troubles, the couple was forced to put their $4 million home on the market

Teresa could face up to 27 months in prison for her part in the crimes. The sentencing hearing was scheduled for 10 a.m. EDT, Thursday morning, Oct. 2.

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