Virgin Airlines' head honcho Richard Branson decided to give the public a rare glimpse of his daughter Holly's wedding with ship broker Freddie Andrewes, the Daily Mail reported.

In an album titled, 'Holly and Freddie's wedding album on the Virgin Web site, Branson posted snaps of the couple's union that was celebrated among family and friends at Necker Island just before Christmas last year.  The 61-year-old entrepreneur also took to Facebook to post more pictures.

The pictures captured numerous intimate and sappy moments, including one where Branson and Holly took to the dance floor for the traditional father-daughter dance.

Some months before the wedding, the Caribbean island was almost reduced to ashes after a great fire broke out and destroyed Branson's Great House. Although nothing was left of the luxurious residential quarters, Branson insisted that the nuptials be held in December the same year.

Take a look at some of the wedding photos Branson posted on Wednesday.