A limo driver for a high school prom in Illinois may have gotten carried away with the festivities.

Richard L. Madison who drove 23 teenagers in a party bus to Oswego East High School prom Saturday had a blood-alcohol level of 0.22 percent -- nearly three times the legal limit, AP reports.

“I’m not guilty, but it is what it is,” Madison told the Chicago Sun-Times on Sunday, a day after his arrest. “The bus needs wheel alignment, and that’s why it was moving the way it did.”

The 54-year-old has been charged with drunk driving and reckless conduct, AP reports.

"I had a feeling he was drunk when we first went into the ditch." Kelsey Dano, a high school senior and party bus passenger, told CBS Chicago.

Dano said Madison also cut off three cars, slammed on the brakes repeatedly and took the teens to the wrong hotel, he told the Chicago Sun-Times. Authorities were alerted of the incident after students called their parents.

“We got there, we got out of the bus or whatever, he kind of was stumbling, and his eyes were really red,” Dano told CBS Chicago.

Dano’s mother, Lori, is shocked by the incident.

"That's why us parents provide limos so that they're safe and don't have to worry about them driving an hour away by themselves and then this happens," she told Fox 32.