Rick Ross suffered two medical scares that might have impeded his hustle.

The notorious rapper was hospitalized twice in six hours, according to The AP.

First, on Oct. 14 he was on a Delta Airlines Flight to Memphis, TN, where he was to perform at the University of Memphis basketball event. The plane returned to Fort Lauderdale, FL, to its departure airport when Ross experienced a medical problem.

Then Ross boarded another flight, this time a private jet, insisting that he would not miss his University of Memphis appearance. He even took to Twitter to tweet #Memphis here I come and include a link to a video.

TMZ posted the video the rapper recorded while on the private jet to prove he was in a good physical state and ready to perform.

But then the private jet had to land in Birmingham, AL, because of more complications.

Memphis' WMC-TV reported that the reason Ross was rushed to the hospital was due to a second seizure, writes The AP.

On his way to Memphis, Josh Pastner, coach of the University of Memphis basketball team, said, he had to make another emergency landing, in Birmingham. He got really sick again, and they had to rush him to the emergency room.

Mike Jachles, who is a spokesman for Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue, discussed the medical response made at the Fort Lauderdale landing. Paramedics performed advanced life-support care, according to Jachles.

A spokesman for the Memphis team Lamar Chance got a call from the rapper, who insisted he would still be coming to the game.

He called a member of our staff and said not to believe what's out there and that he's on his way to perform at Memphis Madness, Chance said.

Ross, whose real name is William Leonard Roberts III, is known for his rather rough-around-the-edges persona.

In 2008, the hip-hop artist was arrested on gun and marijuana charges. He has supposedly claimed affiliation with the gang Carol City Cartel. The name Rick Ross comes from a drug cartel kingpin named Freeway Rick Ross. And he has had feuds with other rappers, including 50 Cent, whom he disses in the song Mafia Music.

Ross has many hits including Hustlin and Aston Martin Music.