As the hype and hoopla that started last week over the Ridiculously Photogenic guy Zeddie Little refuses to subside, one might wonder what happened to our very own Hollywood stars who have looked simply fabulous with their infectious smile and killer looks.

Wonder what the men in Hollywood must react like, after all the frenzy the 25-year-old South Carolina resident generated the world over? The man, who was thrown into fame and popularity thanks to social networking media, certainly has good looks. But does anyone think that the hype is a little too much, or may be even undue? Little has more than 34,000 fans on facebook, while his all-time engaged Twitter account has 27,000 plus followers. Ever since Little opened a twitter account, fans have posted tweets saying

 @TheZeddielittle my eyes are unworthy of looking at you

gonna keep tweeting @TheZeddieLittle until he replies or RTs me, don't care how sad i am :D

@TheZeddieLittle can i have a retweet, i havent done anything, i just love you, Mr. Ridiculously Photogenic.

Really? He is good looking and handsome, agreed, but does he really surpass long time favorite Hollywood stars? Start the slide show and decide for yourself who deserves the world's most photogenic guy's title.