Rihanna may say that her collaboration with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown earlier this year was strictly professional, but sources close to the singer may think otherwise. According to the New York Post, the two former lovers have been seeing a lot of each other in private, sources said to the newspaper. Over the weekend Brown joined the Barbados-born singer and her family at a Miami Heat game, furthering rumors of a reunion.

In the past two weeks, the two R&B artists have been seen partying at the same clubs on two separate occasions, although they kept a distance. However, sources have told the Post that they are very close in private. It seems that Rihanna's family, including grandfather Lionel Brathwaite, don't hold any hard feelings against Brown for his abusive behavior in the past. They all cheered on the Miami Heat together on Saturday, and Brown's girlfriend was nowhere to be found.

Rihanna arrived first in a yellow cab, with her family and friends, and was escorted to a private room, the source told the Post. Brown arrived a little later and joined her and her family. They sat on the same couch together rooting for the Heat. There was no sign of his girlfriend.

However, although Ri-Ri's family seems to be taking kindly to her ex, her management is beginning to worry, sources say.

Everyone in the business assumes she and Chris are getting back together, and it is only a matter of time before they'll be more public about it, one source said to the Post. It's like she's testing the water-first they work on music together, then they hang out in a friendly way, so the public won't be completely shocked when they step out together publicly.

The Where Have You Been singer has never been shy about posting her feelings on Twitter, and recent tweets could reflect her relations with Brown. Rihanna is known to retweet posts from an astrology account known as PICSES ARE US, and one can assume that the singer relates with those words.

#Pisces rewind rewind and again rewind everything in their mind, she retweeted early on June 12.

The devil wants to steal your joy because he knows that joy is your strength...that is why sometimes we need each other, she tweeted on June 5.

Rihanna is rumored to have been dating New York Knicks star J.R. Smith after the two were seen together celebrating Memorial Day weekend. However, this could have been a ploy to spark jealousy in her ex-beau, sources told the Chicago Sun Times.

I still think she has a thing for Chris in a big way, a source close to the singer said to the Illinois-based newspaper. It's weird, but I believe she may be dating J.R. to make Chris jealous in some kind of twisted way.

When talking to Esquire magazine recently, the singer revealed that she had no idea a collaboration with Brown for the remix of her single Birthday Cake would create such controversy.

The whole thing caught me a little off-guard to be honest, she said to the magazine. Especially the amount of negative attention. Because it never occurred to me how this was going to be a problem, you know. It really didn't.

But in the end, those who know Rihanna understand that the feisty singer will do what makes her happy despite what others say.

But everyone agrees they can't control Rihanna and can't stop her seeing Chris, no matter how much they fear the negative public reaction...It means she probably won't release another album this year, for fear of backlash, a source said to the Post.