It looks like Rihanna and Chris Brown are officially over. Turns out that for the past two month, while RiRi and Breezy hinted at a possible romantic reunion via Twitter posts and music collaborations, she was actually (or possibly also) secretly seeing Ashton Kutcher. After the news of Rihanna and Kutcher's relationship broke when she was photographed leaving his Hollywood mansion at 4 a.m., the two have taken their relationship semi-public. All we can say is, good for RiRi, she deserves better than Brown, who we still haven't forgiven for mistreating her in 2009 when the two were dating.

Rihanna is currently in London for business, where according to a message she posted on Twitter on Tuesday morning the weather is unreal, and according to a The UK Sun she's trying to convince Ahston Kutcher to join her in London this summer while she performs at the Wireless music festival in Hyde Park and at Radio 1's Hackney weekend music festival in June and July 2012.

The news is yet another sign that things may getting serious between the Bajan beauty and the Two and a Half Men star, who got his start playing the lovably stupid Kelso on That '70s Show. Word on the street is that the two have been seeing each other for almost two months now--Ashton Kutcher has been single ever since his ex, Demi Moore, filed for divorce last November.

The Sun claims that a source close to the celebrity couple told that that Rihanna even introduced her new boyfriend to her little brother Rorrey while the three of them were all in New York.

Rihanna and Rorrey, who releases music under the name GQ, are close so him meeting Ashton is a big deal, the source said, adding, Rihanna clearly thinks things between them are serious.