Rihanna is yet to admit whether she is back together with her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, but the Barbadian singer told Ryan Seacrest on Thursday, that she reached out to Brown for a collaboration on Birthday Cake because he is the hottest R&B artist out right now.

Shortly after the 2012 Grammy awards, the two singers each released a track featuring the other. Rumors began thereafter, that the two have rekindled their romance, which fizzled in 2009 after Brown beat Rihanna the night before they were both to appear at the Grammys. Pictures of a bloodied and bruised Rihanna surfaced on the Internet following the assault and Brown was taken to court and charged for the incident.

We ended up recorded [the songs] at the same time amd executing them together, Rihanna told Seacrest of the two released tracks. I reached out to him about Birthday Cake because that's the only person that really it made sense to do the record, just as a musician. Despite everything else that was going to be the person.

Rihanna said she also thought about having a rapper on her track but said she didn't chose that option because she collaborated with rappers before.

I have done that so many times, she said. The hottest R&B artist out right now is Chris Brown so I wanted him on the track and then in turn he was like 'Why don't you do the remix to my track?'

But whether there is actually a romantic connection made, Rihanna said that the collaboration with Brown not only brought them back together musically, but united their fan base also.

It was a trade off, she said. We did two records: one my fans, one for his fans and that way our fans can come together. There shouldn't be a divide. It's music and it's innocent.

Reports are that Rihanna has been engaging in a social media war with Brown's current girlfriend model Karrueche Tran.

Listen to Rihanna on Seacrest's show below: