width=398Gossip rag readers have been getting whiplash lately pivoting back and forth between Karrueche, Chris Brown's official girlfriend, and Rihanna, his secret girlfriend, and it looks like RiRi's had enough, too – according to the U.K.'s Daily Star tabloid, Rihanna has given Chris an ultimatum!

Ditch her within two weeks or I'm gone for ever, the pop songstress has apparently told hip-hop's woman-beating bad boy.

Rihanna wants to be with Chris, a source close to the couple told the Daily Star. She has told him to get rid of Karrueche within two weeks. There's a good chance Chris would be with Rihanna if she could be open about it.

So then what's holding them back? Apparently Breezy doesn't want to ditch Karrueche until he's sure about Rihanna. Until she'll walk a red carpet on his arm, the source said, referring to Rihanna, he won't think about taking Karrueche out of the picture.

This isn't the first time Chris Brown's wanted to make sure he's got a li'l sum'n sum'n before he gives up the other girl. At Rihanna much-publicized Valentine's Day party, where the two were spotted canoodling and rumors of the romantic reunion first started, Breezy apparently had Karrueche waiting outside in his car the whole time – in case he didn't get lucky with Rihanna!

But as the Daily Star alludes to, it may not be so easy for Rihanna to just publicly reunite with Chris. Rumors are that she in fact would have gotten back together with him much earlier, were it not for her fans, for whom getting back together with her former abuser may send a bad message.

Not to mention hurt album sales. Rihanna's already reportedly been dropped from a song by Jay-Z that was specifically written for her (it was given to Roc Nation up-and-comer Rita Ora). The publicity may give sales and radio play a boost, but what good is that if she's got no work to be boosted?

British magazines don't have the same reputation for accuracy as even American tabloids, but the claim by the Daily Star isn't too outlandish, so it just might be true.