Rihanna's stylist Mel Ottenberg discussed the star's sense of fashion as the singer travels around the world for her 777 tour.

“We're going for an easygoing, stripped-down thing that's not too showy, because we're doing these small shows,” Ottenberg told E! News over the weekend.

Rihanna is on a promotional tour for her latest album, "Unapologetic."

The tour began last Wednesday, as she boarded a private Boeing 777, the world’s largest twinjet, along with a select 150 journalists and a small number of fans. Her first stop was Mexico City, from there she continued to Toronto, Stockholm, Paris, and Berlin. She will be in London on Monday and finally New York.

Rihanna's fashion sense both on-stage and off-stage is always unique, as she often mixes revealing clothes with a military jacket, or a skin tight dress with military boots.

Ottenberg noted that while he has a say when it comes to what the singer wears, the final product is her decision.

"I bring all the clothes together, but in the end result, it's Rihanna. It's a mix of what I'm bringing but put on her in the special way she wears clothes," Ottenberg said to E!

While in Stockholm, Rihanna took sexy to a new level when she performed in a tight white shirt without a bra. But Ottenberg did not mind the singer's choice to be so nonconservative.

"I thought last night was awesome! I love how people are telling me now that they are shocked she wasn't wearing a bra. But like, who cares? Why does someone have to wear a bra?" he said.

“She does what she wants to do and she's hot."