Music sensation Rihanna is known for two things: her torrid relationship with Chris Brown and her undeniable sex appeal. Her sultry outfits  have captured the attention of the public along with a few male suitors (or so rumor has it). This was evident at the premiere of Battleship, where she wore a low-cut blue dress. In the film, Rihanna plays a sexy weapons specialist, Cora Raikes. The alien attack thriller is a sure fire summer blockbuster and part of the film's allure is that it features the singer's acting debut.

Over the years, Rihanna has proven that she can reinvent herself while maintaining a fiercely independent image. Though her relationship difficulties have often overshadowed her career, she has maintained a degree of professionalism. She has refused to comment on her love life. Case in point, a recent press conference in which the star was asked if she was involved with Ashton Kutcher. RiRi snapped back at the reporter who inquired about her love life, calling the question disappointing before confirming that she is, in fact, single.

Yet reports continue to link Rihanna and Chris Brown. Though the two broke up three years ago, after Brown assaulted her, rumors have swirled that they have reconciled. The two are even said to be collaborating on a secret album despite warnings from her management. As for those pesky Ashton Kutcher rumors, the tabloids maintain that the Two and a Half Men star is smitten with the Barbados-born beauty, but is finding it difficult to trust her. Sites like Hollywood Life maintain that the two engaged in late night booty calls but have agreed to end their affair.

Despite the controversy surrounding her, Rihanna consistently wows on the red carpet and during performances. Here's a look back at her sexiest looks!