Artists, Rihanna and Maroon 5 will make unprecedented fourth time appearances on the late night sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live.

“Les Miserables” star, Anne Hathaway will host the Nov. 10 show for the third time, with Rihanna as the musical guest, Saturday Night Life announced the night up on their Facebook page, Wednesday.

Huffington Posts suggests that Rihanna most likely won’t be doing any "Shy Ronnie" skits during her fourth stint, as comedian Andy Samberg, who embodies the introverted rapper, has left the show.

On Nov. 17, “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters” star Jeremy Renner will host the show for the first time, and Maroon 5 will perform. Renner makes his debut on the show after fans launched a Facebook campaign called “Help Get Jeremy Renner to Host SNL.”

While many fans are excited about the current line up, other suggests that Saturday Night Live has run out of ideas for guests.

Spin, is not impressed with Saturday Night Live’s guest selection, noting that Rihanna reportedly skipped the dress rehearsal for her appearance in May; and Maroon 5, with front man and “The Voice” star, Adam Levine, having released their album “Overexposed” in June, the band won’t be wowing audiences with new material for their fourth SNL rotation.

Spin wonders if the selection of popular artists as guests is SNL’s attempt to redeem themselves, after singer, Karmin gave a lackluster performance in February. In September, Saturday Night Live announced on its Backstage blog that it would be taking suggestions for possible guests once a month via social media.

Comedian Louis C.K. will host the show for the first time on Nov. 3, with the band, Fun, as musical guests. As the show’s promo suggests, the episode should be full of Hurricane Sandy jokes.