R&B singer Rihanna confessed that she has no desire at all to be with Chris Brown during an interview where she broke her silence about Brown with ABC's 20/20 Diane Sawyer.

Brown's feelings towards Rihanna seem the opposite. As recently as two weeks ago, he posted a video titled The Way we Used to Be on his Twitter page showing images of the two when they were dating. He followed up with a Twitter message saying that showing emotions makes him strong.

Rihanna said she doesn't hate Brown and wishes he does well in his career, but admits that she is embarrassed to have fallen so far in love to a person like him. In the interview Rihanna described the night of the attack and opened up about the emotional consequences of it.

He had...no soul in his eyes. Just blank...He was clearly blacked out. There was no person when I looked at him, she said.

Rihanna also said that after the altercation happened, everything about Brown was annoying to her. She said she hadn't heard a song Brown supposedly wrote to apologize nor she had watched a video where he gave a public apology.

The thing that men don't realize when they hit a woman, it's...the face, the broken arm, the black eye, it's going to heal. That's not the problem. It's the scar inside, the singer told Sawyer.

Brown assaulted Rihanna in February and was sentenced to five years probation and 180 hours of community service.

Watch the full interview below: