Rihanna got herself inked with a new tattoo, possibly in homage to the late rapper Tupac.

The R&B singer tweeted a photo to her followers Wednesday with the post: All these b----es screaming that 2pac back. In the photo, Rihanna showed off her new ink - a light pink tattoo across eight of her knuckles reading Thug Life.

Last September, she was seen blowing kisses to fans from the balcony of a Brazil hotel room with the words written on her knuckles in pink Sharpie ink, reported The Daily Mail. Now she has made it permanent. 

Rihanna's new tattoo is said to be a tribute to the late rapper Tupac, who had the phrase tattooed across his stomach.

The 23-year-old singer also tweeted a photo of her with Machete actor Danny Trejo. In the photo, Rihanna holds up Trejo's shirt to reveal a tattoo of a woman wearing a sombrero across his chest and stomach.

The slain rapper was killed in 1996 after being shot four times in a drive-by shooting.

Rihanna then tweeted a third photo showing a tattoo artist working on the lower backside of her body, as she lay on the table with a beer in her hand. Along with the photo, she wrote: Tat my f--kin name on a girl so I know its real!!! 

She was inked by famed tattoo artist Mark Mahoney, who has tatted-up the likes of Britney Spears, Nicole Richie, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. She tweeted a shout out to Mahoney, saying: My boo Mark Mahoney!!!! #RockstarS*** #TATnight. 

The Barbadian beauty already has 14 to 15 other visible tattoos, including the word love on her left middle finger, a trail of stars that run down the back of her neck and a gun on the side of her rib cage.