Mexico's dwarf bullfighters carry on the great Spanish tradition while showcasing their skill and comic artistry to elevate themselves beyond just a curiosity.  While the young bullocks they use are half the weight of regular fighting bulls, they are bred to be particularly aggressive and, for those small in stature, can be just as frightening and dangerous as the real thing.  Unlike traditional bullfights, the animals are not harmed.  Little people, as some prefer to be called, have been entertainers for centuries, being excluded by discrimination or their height handicap from many everyday professions. Mexico is home to almost 20 dwarf bullfighting troupes, many of which tour the U.S. to perform for migrant workers.   A matador in Mexico can earn around $100 for each show.

Pictured below is Enanitos Toreros, a group of six comedians from Yucatan who travel all across Mexico to perform.