Top-league samba schools are painting the streets of Rio de Janeiro red, literally. One of the year's most eagerly awaited events, the color and life filled Carnival parade has attracted celebs such as Jennifer Lopez and Fergie.

Millions of people watched the sequin-clad samba dancers at Rio de Janeiro's iconic Carnival parade on Sunday and a few heads did turn towards the celebrities sitting in the VIP boxes.

For 80 years, celebrities have been showing up at the Carnival. Some show up to see the festive mood and colorful fun-filled parades, while others are brought in by Brazilian advertisers.

Jennifer Lopez was brought in by beer company Brahma, which she was promoting. While, Fergie was brought in by hair care Company Head and Shoulders, the reported.

Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner was also supposed to be joining in the festive mood, but had to decide against coming due to health reasons. However, his youngest son, 21-year-old Cooper Hefner, did make it to the celebration along with six Playmates.

Actor Richard Dean Anderson, who played the ingenious secret agent MacGyver on the 1980s TV show, was the headline guest in Salvador, the northeastern city with Brazil's second-largest Carnival celebrations, the report said.

Goodness, what an event, what a celebration! he wrote on his Twitter account.

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