Twitter began buzzing late Saturday, with rumors that British singer Adele, 23, has died. However, the Twitter hoax RIP Adele became a trending topic for hours and it left many fans wondering if the Someone Like You singer is truly dead.

There have been no official reports that the singer is dead and it seems that Adele has joined a number of celebrities who have been killed on Twitter. Those celebrities include Cher, Demi Moore, Justin bieber and Tiger Woods to name a few.

The death hoax has angered many of Adele fans. Here are some of the responses from Twitter users when RIP Adele began trending:

- I never knew how many idiots were on twitter until RIP Adele and RIP Justin Bieber started trendin.

- That awkward moment when RIP Adele is trending, and she probably doesn't even know she died.

- why is RIP Adele trending? i swear twitter killing every celebrity they can

- I know! I saw 'RIP Adele' and I had a heart attack.

- RIP Adele is trending, she's not dead. What sick person would say something like that.

- What celebrity is twitter gonna kill next? Today, twitter killed Adele...RIP Adele is trending. NOT TRUE...She's a live and well!.

- OMG! when I saw the trending topic RIP Adele my heart dropped. But it means Really Inspiring Person Adele..

- RIP Adele??? Twitter you have to stop killing people. hahahhaha.

- RIP Adele didn't mean what I thought it meant! Whew!!! Glad about that :) And she is really inspiring! #truetalent

- What's this rip adele about?

- People on Twitter love to kill their singers dont they. RIP Cher, RIP Adele, RIP Justin Bieber m. Gosh. Where's the respect & compassion?

- RIP Adele actually means Really Inspiring People: Adele. Not Rest In Peace: Adele. :D