On Wednesday, R.I.P. Glenda Monster became a trending topic on Twitter. A Lady Gaga fan posted a tweet saying that Glenda Monster, a teenager from Brazil, had committed suicide because of bullying.

Now, Glenda Monster's story has reached millions after her name trended on Twitter and individuals became aware of yet another victim of bullying, lost to suicide.

Supporters have posted a video on YouTube as a tribute to R.I.P Glenda Monster: Bullying is for Losers. The video is a montage of different individuals saying derogatory terms, used by bullies as verbal abuse. Those who posted messages for Glenda explained how damaging bullying can be.

Did it make you feel good? asked one. Did it make you feel better than them? asked another.

Many of the messages dedicated to Glenda Monster on Twitter show support and love for the victimized young girl. The most popular and most retweeted messages reads: RIP Glenda Monster -She was a Mons†er who committed suicide due to bullying. Bullying needs to stop. RT if you care, if not keep scrolling.

Lady Gaga herself has yet to comment on the news, but it is likely that she will. Lady Gaga has been a vehement anti-bullying activist, fighting for the rights of the LGBT community and all those victimized by others. She spoke out against bullying after the suicide of Jamey Rodemeyer and supported Jonah Mowry when he posted an emotional video describing his sorrow at the hands of bullies. 

On Feb. 1, Glenda Monster posted her last tweet before presumably taking her life. The message read: #MonsterOff Forever. Earlier that day, she had sent a message to Lady Gaga herself, saying: @ladygaga thank you, for you have taught me many things. I love you very much, I hope one day to see you in Heaven!

Other messages written by Glenda hinted at a troubled state. The tweets, which had to be translated from Portuguese, said things like I swear I did not want to do this but ... no way after what happened yesterday ... I do not wanna live, I can't stand my life and I know what I do is a sin.

Little information is known about Glenda Monster, whose legal last name was most likely not Monster since all Lady Gaga fans are known as her Little Monsters. It is unclear how or when she committed suicide. Some even thought the trending hashag was a hoax.

What is clear is how much of a fan she was of Lady Gaga. Her Twitter account profile features of photo of Lady Gaga, as does her Twitter background.