Beatles fan and Twitter user Dougie Poynter misses the group so much he tweeted about it, offered his condolences to the band's deceased and pretty soon a RIP Paul McCartney death hoax began trending on the social networking site.

The Beatles, I miss them so much :((((( JOHN LENNON AND GEORGE HARRISON I LOVE YOU. RIP. PAUL MCCARTNEY AND RINGO STARR (awesome name) ily x Poynter tweeted.

A closer look at the tweet showed that RIP is referring to both Lennon and Harrison who died after the band broke up in 1970. Lennon was murdered in 1980 and Harrison died of cancer in 2001. Both McCartney and Starr are still active. However, hours after Poynter's tweet RIP Paul McCartney began trending on Twitter.

RIP Paul McCartney. He died YESTERDAY tweeted Mike Corleone.

Pretty soon fans of the legendary singer was caught off guard and was scrambling to know if Sir Paul McCartney was, in fact, dead.

Okay RIP Paul McCartney better be a joke, wrote Alex Grande♥

I'm praying this RIP Paul McCartney is just another of @twitter's fake deaths... Lady Gaga ¦ David tweeted.

RIP Paul McCartney please tell me this is not true, Denniel Corsi.

RIP Paul McCartney almost got a heart attack for this, Hanna Mellark~ posted.

While Carson M tweeted RIP Paul McCartney? No date of death on wikipedia, so it's not true.

There are no official reports of McCartney's death. In fact, Gossip Cop has confirmed that the RIP Paul McCartney Twitter trend is just a hoax after the rumor began spreading on Wednesday.

McCartney is alive and well, the website wrote.

The Beatle joins the long list of celebrities whose death have been wrongly reported on Twitter, other social media sites and fake news website. Last week, a RIP Justin Bieber Twitter death hoax started trending on Twitter the same day the singer was fishing and spending time with his grandpa. Rapper Drake, actor Eddie Murphy, Adele, Rick Ross, LeBron James, Jon Bon Jovi, Charlie Sheen, Adam Sandler, TooShort, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Bacon, Luke Perry, Jack Black, Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Tom Green, Mac Miller, Tiger Woods and George Clooney had death hoaxes trending on Twitter.

McCartney married New York heiress Nancy Shevell last October.