“Rise of the Tomb Raider" will launch exclusively for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 sometime this year, and Redwood City, California-based developer Crystal Dynamics unveiled some new details about the next franchise installment in the upcoming March issue of GameInformer.

The story reveals a few key facts about the action adventure game, which will feature a new crafting system and improved in-game environment. “Rise of the Tomb Raider” will take place after the events of 2013’s “Tomb Raider” reboot, when series protagonist Lara Croft is somewhat depressed and traumatized. After coming across an immortal being in the reboot, Laura spent a year researching the concept of eternal life to comprehend the encounter. This leads her on a search to find Kitezh, a mythical city lost in Russia’s Siberian tundra.

“Rise of the Tomb Raider” will have an additional location, though the developer studio hasn’t revealed where that will be. However, Crystal Dynamics did say that the harsh weather, human enemies, wolves and bears will prove challenging to Lara.

"It's important for us to capture those moments where Lara is uncertain about her identity, her direction, or her ability to come out alive,” creative director Noah Hughes told GameInformer.

During Microsoft’s Gamescom 2014 in August, it was announced the game would reach buyers sometime during the 2015 holiday season.