FXstreet.com (Córdoba) - In a session where investors searched for assets to use as a refuge after a pessimist wave the Swiss Franc was beneficiated. USD/CHF suffered a small loss, but considering that USD rose against many of the currencies the CHF managed to hold its position. Since 23 hours ago the pair is moving in a range between 1,1670 and 1,1740. Now is closer to the bottom but the trend favors the dollar.

EUR/CHF fell today almost 100 pips, but not enough to break 1,5070 which holds now as a strong support. The Swiss franc also gain against the sterling and recover part of last week losses. GBP/CHF has fallen below 1,7000. To the yen, CHF couldn't hold and fell a hundred pips, reaching new monthly lows at 83,55.

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