EurUsd Euro pulled back from Friday 23rd November record high 1.4967. It broke the three weeks support 1.4520 on Friday. On the downside, the return below 1.4500 open the way toward 1.4280 former resistance. This could put into focus 1.4000 nearby support and 1.4125 trendline support. Initial resistance holds 1.4520 former support.

GbpUsd Cable corrected Friday down to 2.0147 and breaking down the 2.0200 strong support. GbpUsd ended down 1.22% to 2.0176. On the downside, confirmation below 2.0200 might drive toward 2.0000 psychological levels to complete the downtrend. On the upside, 2.0200 former support marks the initial resistance before 2.0577 Dec 12th high.

UsdJpy Uptrend started end November went through 113.61 on Friday. This recent move up put 114 into focus. Further strength may open the way toward 117.63 resistance. On the downtrend, initial support holds 110, before 107.22 trend November 26th low. Initial resistance holds 113.61 Friday high.

UsdChf Uptrend from 1.0888 23rd November low remains strong. Market had found support on 1.1327 end November high. Initial resistance holds 1.1547 Friday high. It would also need a return over 1.1640 level to relieve 6 months bear threat. Initial support holds 1.1402 Friday low.