Growth in Britain's economy is much more likely to be weak over the next year, Bank of England deputy Governor Charles Bean said on Thursday.

Speaking at a conference in London, Bean also said that if the government changed its fiscal plans that could affect the course of monetary policy.

Bean's comments came after surveys this week suggested Britain may be heading for another downturn, and respected think-tank NIESR said there was a 50 percent chance the UK would enter recession.

The probability of low growth outturns over the next year or so is materially higher now that it was in the early part of the year, Bean said.

Asked whether a change in Chancellor George Osborne's fiscal plans would make policy decisions more difficult, Bean said: If he changes those plans, then that obviously changes the outlook in one direction or another. What the committee may potentially do is change the outlook in one way or another. We will obviously have to react to that in an appropriate way in terms of how we set monetary policy.

(Reporting by Fiona Shaikh and Naomi O'Leary)