While most of us spent the Fourth of July joyously eating cookout food or anxiously awaiting a fireworks show, Rob Kardashian was busy stirring the pot.

Kardashian took to Twitter to share his excitement about spending some quality time with his “son,” ET reports.  The tweet, which has since been deleted, read: "Happy I got my Son with me for the 4th tomorrow !! Can't wait to watch fireworks with my little man ! Hope everyone is safe ! X"

Though many people concluded the message was confirmation of a long-rumored secret child, Kardashian eventually admitted that the message was just a joke.

In a follow-up tweet later Friday, he even revealed that his own mother, Kris Jenner, had questioned if he had a secret love child he never told her about.


The joke may have been a little excessive. But with the rocky last few months Kardashian has experienced, it’s nice to see him attempting to have a little fun.