Rob Kardashian revealed on his Twitter account Thursday that he has a son, surprising his 5 million followers on the site as well as his mother, Kris Jenner, who then emailed him to check.

The 27-year-old television personality reportedly tweeted that he was excited to spend Independence Day with his son.

“Happy I got my Son with me for the 4th tomorrow!! Can’t wait to watch fireworks with my little man! Hope everyone is safe!” he reportedly wrote in a tweet, which was later taken down. Kardashian later followed up with another tweet saying that he was only joking.

According to reports, however, this is not the first time that Robert, who is the younger brother of Kim Kardashian, has mentioned having a son.

On June 20, he wrote on Twitter, hinting about an offspring: “And to my baby mama I loveeeeeeee you.” 

And in May 2013, Kardashian reportedly posted a note on Instagram: “Shout to to God … Shout out Mom, shout out to my son’s mom cuz she been holding me down since high school n shout out to my son Robert the Third. lol.”

In a Twitter conversation back in 2009, Kardashian told fashion designer Nicole Richie: “My son unfortunately doesn’t stay in LA. You know that. Don’t remind me.”

A source told Daily Mail that there has been a buzz in the family about a possibility that “Rob may have a child,” but “no-one knows for sure.”

Kardashian made headlines recently after reports surfaced that he was no longer on talking terms with his sisters Kim and Khloe Kardashian, and he was also absent from Kim’s wedding to rapper Kanye West in May.