Rob Kardashian missed his 10-year high school reunion but he didn’t escape a chance to reminisce about his younger years. On Sunday, his sister Kim Kardashian West was shown a letter that he wrote to himself 10 years ago. It was meant to be opened on reunion day but since he missed it, he and Kim can read it together as soon as they get the chance.

Kim took to Instagram and posted a photo of the letter, on which Rob specifically wrote instructions for it to be given to Kim in case he was a no-show at the reunion. The handwritten instructions appeared above the label “Robert A. Kardashian, Class of 2005.”

“Just received this pic from my brothers BFF from their 10 year high school reunion. It's a letter Rob wrote to himself back in high school. I wonder what it says. Rob can't remember either lol We're dying to read it together. I remember writing a letter like this before I graduated & projected where I would be in 10 yrs! I never went to see what it says! LOL 20yr?” Kim wrote.

Over the weekend, Kim was in Britain with her husband Kanye West. He headlined the Glastonbury Music Festival and Kim accompanied him after a short trip to Cannes, France. She recently returned to the United States and appeared at an event Tuesday night in San Francisco. It was unclear if she has had a chance to read her brother's letter.

Kim mentioned that she wrote a similar letter when she graduated from high school but couldn’t remember what she wrote. Luckily, earlier this month, she had another chance to try it again. While doing her Glamour magazine cover shoot, she made a video while writing a letter to her future self. The letter is meant to be opened in 2025.

In the letter, Kim spoke about her body image, health and family. She wished that her sister Kourtney would be done having babies and she hoped Khloe would be living happily ever after. She also wondered about the fate of the family’s reality show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

A lot can happen in 10 years. Both she and Rob were nowhere close to being household names when they graduated high school. Since then, Kim’s career has flourished while Rob has been struggling with personal issues.